7 Reasons why we are a step away from a global food crisis

Our global food production system is so fragile that subtle, isolated Climate Change events are already managing to destabilise it

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Agriculture then vs. agriculture now

1. There are 7 billion more people on the planet.

Just as our population increase is adding to food demand, our food production capacity is stuck in a conundrum: increasing land use would clash with the natural habitats and further raise CO2 levels. Failing to increase food production on the other hand would lead to shortages.

2. Fruit and vegetables are susceptible to extinction

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Yup, we could run out of bananas. Again.

3. Intensive agriculture has brought about many risks


We are stuck because in order to grow huge amounts of food we need toxic chemicals and other practices that lead to habitat destruction and extinction. Continuing down this path is already starting to come full circle

4. Insect Apocalypse: 30% of crop production under threat

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5. The Delusion of Plenty

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6. Meat and dairy

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7. Fish are either migrating or going extinct

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