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continued from previous

David stood in the middle of the square, allowing himself to process the new landscape around him: anywhere he cast his eyes, it was chaos. It was destruction. It was a visual mess, a battle between green and brown — as if an angry Jackson Pollock had selected just two colors and then began flinging paint indiscriminately on the canvas, in whichever direction so that he can create his abstract masterpiece: a chaos, just like the drawing on John’s wall. Previously a manicured garden, the square was now a magic picture: occasionally a green…

The Latin roots of the word consumption give away some fairly revealing hints as to how our consumer-based civilization had, since its very early stages, already began its transformation into a planet-cidal death cult. Con(altogether) and Sumere(take-up) basically means complete and total exhaustion of a resource. This is how humans, as recent as the last millennium, perceived in their minds the utilization of resources: whether it is a sandwich or a coal mine. It is nothing less than an all-or-nothing affair. Resources are there to be totally used. Ingested. Devoured. Con-sumed.

Consumption is perhaps one of the most cold, vulgar…

The current pandemic has undoubtedly been entirely the fault of humans, and for more reasons than one: First, our increasing encroachment into wildlife habitats brought us into contact with new viruses. Second, the disruption of ecosystems through climate change and the ecological apocalypse shifted the dynamics between viruses and hosts. And last, but not least, our sheer population size. The more, and the longer humans live on Earth, the more chances there are that a virus can arise. This is Nature’s cruel math. …

The incomputable math of capitalism

The impact humans are having on the planet has always been the result of a very simple equation, with two basic multiplier components: 1) how much impact the average human has on the planet (emissions, habitat destruction, pollution etc.) and 2) how many humans are on the planet at a given time. Over the past millennia, and especially over the past two centuries, both of these parameters have increased dramatically, sometimes exponentially. It is a consequence of pure and simple math therefore that, in order to keep our impact on the planet the same, if one of these parameters is…

A Tale of Two Economies

By now, some of us have began to realise that our economic system is responsible for the totality of the mess our planet is in: natural destruction, accelerating mass extinction, exploitation and inequality, and deterioration of physical and mental health. In fact, all of the above are necessary ingredients of a “healthy” capitalist society that is “growing robustly”. Capitalism cannot actually exist without natural destruction, inequality, racism and exploitation. Otherwise it would be too expensive to run. It would go bankrupt by Wall Street standards. It would be a charity, not a “for-profit” system.

But an even smaller minority of…

The cloud started its life small:

a tiny grey blemish in the sky,

completely unaware of its own malignancy.

As it sat lonely at the backside of the mountain,

it became used to being fed by humans,

just like a butcher’s dog.

It never rained,

not even moved.

Just sat there all alone growing fatter and fatter,

darker and darker.

It became a dump for the side effects of civil life:

Junk data emissions,

advertising smoke screens,

and half-truths gasping for oxygen.

One day the cloud reached its maturity.

It began to lazily roll downhill, into the city,

where it…

Spawned into abundance

offspring of a wealthy family

you were cursed with a cognitive malfunction

gorging on your mother’s unlimited milk

as she cleaned up after your messes.

And then the wind changed

Covered in your own filth,

you watched the earth burn

you saw your cities melt

like sandcastles in the rain

as you waited,

for Mother.

But she just wants you dead

she’s been collecting all of your infernos

assembling them into one big fireball

and getting ready to incinerate the house clean

getting ready to take back

what you thought was yours.

George is an author, researcher…

It is here,

where two bitter rivals once declared a truce.

Digging into their permanent trenches,

they put down their weapons long ago,

nonchalantly resigned to a treaty

neither of them care for anymore.

Because this is where the sea gave up trying,

leaving its last breath on the shore.

This is where the land became liquid,

breaking itself down into helpless grains.

It is here

in this no man’s land,

where refugees have eeked out an existence.

Where the birds draw halos in the sky,

where I can hear my blood whisper

as it circles round and round like…

You built your lonely castle in the dark,

crafted in complete silence,

as you patiently labored

a lifetime’s work in anonymity.

You aged gracefully,

letting time encroach,

carve its scaffolds on your fortress.

Until one day,

Long after you died,

your castle was thrusted out into the spotlight,

washed up by accident on Instagram,

and you became a sensation.

Posthumously fossilized,

you entered a new silence:

the controlled atmosphere chamber

at the natural history museum:

Where millions can admire your work,

and think that they know you,

as they,

in turn,

try to construct their own castles.

George is an…

George Tsakraklides

Author, podcaster, scientist, documenting our system failure. Photographic Heart, Disposable Earth, Age of Separateness, Becoming Imperfect.

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