You built your lonely castle in the dark,

crafted in complete silence,

as you patiently labored

a lifetime’s work in anonymity.

You aged gracefully,

letting time encroach,

carve its scaffolds on your fortress.

Until one day,

Long after you died,

your castle was thrusted out into the spotlight,

washed up by accident on Instagram,

and you became a sensation.

Posthumously fossilized,

you entered a new silence:

the controlled atmosphere chamber

at the natural history museum:

Where millions can admire your work,

and think that they know you,

as they,

in turn,

try to construct their own castles.



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George Tsakraklides

Author, biologist, exploring our broken kinship with the planet. INFJ born 88 ppm ago. 📚 The Unhappiness Machine. A New Earth. Lexicon of Dystopia.