Calling all Doomers of the World: Assume Collapse formation, Isolate and Take Over

Photo by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash

Quarantine is great. It is fantastic. At least if you’re an extreme introvert like me, who finds infinite meaning in isolation. Who sits alone in his London studio flat, while the sombering silence of the empty street is interrupted every so often by the ambulance siren. Another urgent COVID-19 case, another reminder that we are living a new reality.

In case you are still in denial, we are experiencing a Global Apocalyptic Collapse. So all of you who laughed at my depressing, boring monologues year after year after year at those Christmas dinners, all of you who poured more wine as I warned you that your 2-year old children won’t get to live unless we cut emissions drastically, you can all shut up now. And I can finally shut up as well, because Nature has done my work for me. It has sent us this Virus. Like any Mother who sees that their teenager is unable to listen to advice, Earth has resorted to drastic measures: taking away the drugs (consumption, profit) and imposing a curfew on all movement until further notice. Now please can you pass me the potatoes. Thank you. Oh, I might have a glass of wine actually too. Merry Christmas.

I might hate our species sometimes, but I’m certainly not happy that innocent people are dying. But rather than making coronavirus the enemy, rather than making this all about us, it is imperative that we listen to Earth’s message. What Nature wants us to do in our apartments, houses, mansions and slums is not to watch Netflix or empty and restock the fridge. It wants us to think: of what we have been doing wrong so far in our civilisation, and who we want to be as a species after this. This Virus can be transformative, as viruses have been numerous times in our history.

The quarantine is a chance for introspection. It is also a chance to realise that there are consequences for our actions. Yes, we are being punished. This is why nature has sent this virus. It wants us to stop what we are doing, and simply think of what we have done to the planet. Only by waking up from our hedonistic distractions of consuming can we actually realise the devastating impact that our lifestyle has had on this planet. A lifestyle that has brought the planet’s immune system to a fever alert. That has choked the atmosphere with CO2. Now the planet is passing on to us both the fever and the choking. And the trees, for the first spring ever, can flower without the fear of being cut down.

Join the Consumption Strike

My fellow humans, I feel more close to you than ever, even in my isolation. We might feel that this has been imposed on us, but it is for our own good. Rather than being a grumpy teenager, let’s turn this into a personal victory. We are not on quarantine actually. We are on a consumption strike. Striking against excess. Hedonism. Emissions. Against globalisation. Against exploitative and dehumanising Capitalism.

to be continued…

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George Tsakraklides

George Tsakraklides

Author, podcaster, scientist, documenting our system failure. Photographic Heart, Disposable Earth, Age of Separateness, Becoming Imperfect.