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You seem to be deluded about how you arrived in this world.

You think that you came here on a space ship. Conveniently arriving on the 6th day of Creation, when everything had already been prepared.

You looked around, and you jumped to the conclusion that it had all been made for you. You poor idiot.

So ever since that day, when you took a bite out of that apple, you’ve been eating your way through the free buffet. Like a serial wedding crasher, you’ve been eating all the food, drinking all the wine, and insulting all the guests. And as you reach the final wedding on your list, the sky is getting darker and the guests are wearing black. And you are completely unaware that this is not a wedding. This is your funeral.

Because there was never a fucking space ship. There was never a God. No one put you here. No one even cared about you. And this world was never made for you. It doesn’t belong to you, however many borders you try to draw on it, however many wars you wage and resources you steal. It will never be yours.

Because ownership does not exist on Earth

In fact, ownership was your biggest delusion, and your biggest downfall. You didn’t want to share this world with millions of other species you are related to. So you invented the space ship in order to forget that this is your family.

This world made you. I made you. And I made a monster.


Your Mother

to be continued…

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