Media, Money, Machine: Tales of the Anthropocene System

It was the century when Earth’s systems got a complete makeover. And the planet got an expiration date.

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The Anthropocene is a Big Lie

Warming Stripes for GLOBE from 1850–2018

It still spins

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Straightening the Circle

The shift that humans have brought about on this planet was a trully momentous one if you analyse it scientifically. Humans changed how the whole Machine works, turning it from a self-sufficient, self-perpetuating one, to one that gets closer to death with each breath, each spin around its axis. A self-sufficient machine can live forever. A dysfunctioning one gets rustier and rustier with every spin.

Like with smartphones, computers and other devices that are purposely made to breakdown after a few years or months, we condemned Earth to obsolescence.

To relate this back to physics and chemistry, what has happened was the conversion of Earth’s systems from a series of cyclical processes to that of linear ones. Cyclical processes can run forever, into infinity, like a battery that becomes empty and then recharges. Being a chemist, I am aware of how rare, how special cyclical processes are. While linear chemical reactions can take place in a split second, cyclical processes are the definition of immortality and regeneration. Earth was the perfect immortal battery, where with each cycle the entire system was returned to its original state: the seasons, the fruit on the trees, the fish in the ocean. It all returned. Every. Single. Year.


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The circle turns into a spiral, which is nothing else but a circle on its way to becoming a line.

So many new shapes. Too many to handle.

From Physics to Metaphysics to Mental Physics

There is a new Machine in town, and this one is determined to commit suicide. Once it runs out of substrate and stuff to burn.

to be continued..

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