From disaster capitalism to collapse techno-fascism

Will capitalism endure even in the most apocalyptic scenarios?

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Collapse version 2: the Techno remix

At the other end of the scale, one can envision a scenario where an even more oppressive form of capitalism endures, well into the collapse, as The System desperately tries to maintain its grip on the ever more dwindling resources available. In its frantic pursuit of even the most marginal profit margins, this new anarchic system resorts to crime, corruption, information fascism, fake news and mind control in order to keep its stronghold on diminishing resources and the powers that control them. Whether centralised or fragmented, the capitalist system organically reorganises itself like mercury droplets finding each other after the thermometer shatters: this time without the need of governments, which have either collapsed in their entirety or colluded with the capitalist criminals (something already in process) or have assumed a symbolic role (this is also already in process). This scenario, which sadly lacks the apple orchards and ponchos, has of course happened already multiple times in human history. Economic collapse fosters corruption, black markets and illegal trade, militias and violence as people resort to more and more desperate solutions in order to feed themselves and secure their safety. It’s all about survival.

The “breaking point” may be an illusion

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Capitalism is more adaptable than we think. Like a virus, it either finds a new host, or it mutates.

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